Univision ratings surpass all English-language stations in the US from 18 to 49 in prime time for the first time

Friday, September 10, 2010

Read about it here in English or here in Spanish. Apparently a ton of soap operas reaching key points in their stories is a large part of what drove ratings up, to a total of 3.8 million out of which 2.1 million were in the 18 to 49 age range. In total viewership, however, the numbers were (Spanish stations in bold):

CBS: 5.7 million
NBC: 5.2 million
ABC: 4.7 million
Univision: 3.8 million
Fox: 3.6 million
ION Television: 1.3 million
CW: 980,000
Telemundo: 810,000
Telefutura: 730,000
Azteca: 210,000
Estrella: 180,000

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