Spanish documentary on North Korea - Corea del Norte, país secreto

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If you're fluent in or studying Spanish and feel like watching a documentary with footage taken from inside the country, here's one on North Korea of over 30 minutes in length. At the 19 minute mark you can also see two students at the University of Pyongyang who are studying Spanish, probably one of the few times you can see a North Korean speaking the language. Of course, since North and South Korean are not that different (they're about as different as US and UK English) any number of videos on YouTube will also be able to show you what a Korean sounds like speaking or studying the language.

There are regular classroom videos like these, often complete with a native speaker standing nearby somewhat awkwardly while the Korean teacher prattles away to the students. Note how much English she uses to explain it too:

And some videos like these with people just recording themselves speaking it:

By the way, the more popular Spanish becomes as an L2 the more I believe Latin American Spanish will become the norm. Koreans and most others don't really like the th sound, nor do they find it intuitive to pronounce a word like Madrid as Madrith or atención as atenthion. The Castillan j is also a bit harsher whereas simply pronouncing it as h is much more comfortable.

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