How to learn the days of the week in Norwegian

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here's a short poem I found in Norwegian with the days of the week. Days of the week aren't even close to difficult enough that one needs a poem to learn them, but I like it anyway. It's about a lazy person's week and is short and has a nice rhythm to it. Here it is with the meaning plus the literal word for word meaning.

På mandag gjør jeg ingenting. -- on Monday I do nothing (on Monday do I nothing)
På tirsdag har jeg gode stunder. -- on Tuesday I have good times (on Tuesday have I good times)
På onsdag ser jeg meg omkring -- on Wednesday I look around (on Wednesday see I me around)
På torsdag går jeg rundt og grunner -- on Thursday I go around and ponder (on Thursday go I around and ponder)
På fredag gjør jeg hva jeg vil -- on Friday I do what I want (on Friday do I what I want)
På lørdag stunder helgen til -- on Saturday the weekend starts (on Saturday times the-weekend to)

The only day missing there is søndag.

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