90 years ago today: Improved relations between the United States and Persia

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Today's post from 90 Years Ago Today is a bit surreal. I noticed an article in the Portsmouth Herald about improved relations between the US and Persia, and began typing it up. Partly through the article though it switched over to one on the Baha'i faith and its founder, and continues its positive tone for paragraphs and paragraphs, with hardly a negative comment throughout. Then it finally ends with a note on what it feels like to be a Persian emigrating to New York, with all the skyscrappers. Not skyscrapers.

So unfortunately in spite of its length it ends up being nearly information-free, although the bit in the beginning on how much American students learn about Persia in school is quite interesting. An article written on the Baha'i faith while its founder is still alive is also interesting in and of itself, and the hospitality given to the founder by various churches throughout the US (according to the article, anyway) is worthy of note too.

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