German traffic signs in the Turkish village of Dereköseler, Çaycuma, Zonguldak

Friday, August 13, 2010

A short article from here in Turkish:
German traffic signs in the village of Dereköseler in the district of Çaycuma in Zonguldak are attracting the attention of expatriates. Davut Inam who is retired after working 39 years in Germany felt the need for traffic signs and set them up about 10 years ago, surprising observers. In the village where a large part of the population lives in Germany, the large number of signs in German such as "no stopping", "no parking" and "stop" attracts the attention of drivers.
So that begs the question of why? Let's turn to the Turkish Wikipedia's page on Dereköseler. It's absolutely hilarious. Somebody needs to do a better job patrolling recent edits. Some of the gems from the page:
Köyde Ne Gariptir ki Trafik vb. İşaretler Almancadır..
 = The village is so weird traffic etc. signs are German.
Bu sayfalara yazanları ciddiyete davet ediyorum. Saygısızlık hiçde hoş değil.
I ask the people writing this page to be serious. The lack of respect isn't nice at all.

Okay, no help there. Let's search's one, which has Einbahnstraße and Überholen von (tractor symbol?) frei written in German. Looks like it's a simple

Ah, here's a better article. The normal population of the village is 1,317 but in the summer months the returning of expats raises it to over 2000.

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