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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last month I wrote a post on the difference between Eastern and Western Armenian, which included two videos from a YouTube account called Worldlanguagemovies. The account has a total of 2439 (!) uploads, most of which are the same short videos recorded in as many languages as possible, and the subject is pretty basic Protestant theology - man was born into sin, needs Jesus for salvation, that sort of thing. Not the most interesting subject matter even for a Christian (something written by Origen would be an example of something truly interesting), but it's easy to understand which is a plus. Looking for the script for the video in Armenian I emailed them after writing the post, and unfortunately they don't have the script for Armenian yet but I was provided with this link, which gives scripts for some of the videos and recordings they have and there might be something there for those looking for content, any content, in some pretty rare languages. Most of the languages there I haven't even heard of before, to be honest. Varisi, Umbundu, Nyungwe, Helong, hundreds of languages are recoded there that are scarcely available anywhere else.

Using Tok Pisin as an example: go to their YouTube page, click on see all then search for Tok Pisin. One of the two videos is this one:

and a lot of dedicated searching eventually brings up this page, and the script for the video starts down at Picture 17 (Piska 17). It's not the easiest task to match up video and script, but those studying extremely rare languages are certainly already used to long searches for very little content, and are happy to find anything they can.

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