WISE almost finished surveying the sky, and that means an update

Saturday, July 17, 2010

As I had hoped, the WISE team did release an update today as WISE is now just 0.5% away from having scanned the entire sky once, which makes today an important milestone. WISE still has enough liquid hydrogen to keep it cool enough to make sensitive infrared measurements and thus it will keep scanning the sky in areas it has already seen. According to the press release the WISE data for the first 80% of the sky will not be released to the public until May of next year, but since the discovery of two brown dwarfs has already been announced one would hope that this doesn't mean that other interesting discoveries will not be announced until then. This may just be something similar to Kepler holding on to a certain amount of its own data in order to allow those that have been working on the project the most to confirm the announcement of the most interesting objects.

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