Turkish Binbir Gece (Thousand and one nights) very popular in Serbia

Sunday, July 25, 2010

From an article here in Turkish. Some of the info from the article:

Binbir Gece (Хиљаду и једна ноћ or Hiljadu i jedna noć in Serbian), one of the most popular shows within Turkey, is shown every night at 8:00 pm on Serbia's Fox television, with repeats on the weekend as well. The television drama with subtitles in Serbian has increased interest in Turkish and Turkey as well within the country. Music from Binbir Dece has found popularity among Serbian cell phone ringtones as well.

30,000 fans on Facebook.

A page for the show has also been started on the social networking site Facebook. On the page where followers of the show share their views on the development of the show now has over 30,000 members. (note: can't find a group of that size but here's one with 2,200 members in Serbian)

1.3 million viewers.

Fox television has become the most watched TV channel in the hour where Binbir Gece is broadcast. (Note: Serbia's total population is 7.3 million)

200,000 Serbian tourists to Turkey

An official from Turkey's Embassy in Belgrade said that in recent years relations between Serbia and Turkey have been very good, the results of which have been seen in tourism as well. According to him almost 200,000 Serbian tourists made their way to Turkey, and that they expected this to increase this year as well.

(Note: distance from Belgrade to Istanbul is 809 kilometres)

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