President Obama announces $2 billion investment in solar power

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Today's big news on renewable energy and the environment is certainly the announcement by the president of $2 billion to be invested in two companies (Abengoa Solar and Abound Solar) to create a huge solar plant in Arizona for the former, and manufacture advanced solar panels at two plants in Colorado and Indiana for the latter. The video is here:

but keep in mind that you can go directly to the page for the video here and click on interactive transcript if you don't feel like watching a video.

Two articles on the extra investment are here and here. Since Abengoa is a Spanish company there are also articles on the investment in Spanish, such as this one. The comments section below is particularly hilarious. One comment is on topic (the first one); another commenter is of the opinion that Obama is Satan and the "father of lies". The commenter gets my vote as the father of hyperbole.

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