Planck Telescope reveals all-sky image of the universe in microwave

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Today we've been treated to a bit of eye candy with the publishing of an image of the Planck Telescope's full-sky survey that it has just completed (one article of many here). The universe as seen from our vantage point in microwave looks like this:

As you can see, the survey took a year. In the meantime WISE is now 97.1% done its all-sky survey, and thus far has mapped out this much of the sky:

This is just to show how much of the sky has been mapped, not to give an idea of what a full-sky image released by WISE would look like. The WISE team has also not said whether they will be releasing such an image after the sky has been fully covered, but one suspect that they would as they have been releasing images of interesting parts of the sky viewed in infrared every few days, and even have a feed for these images here with about 30 so far. The image will be nice to see but it will pale in comparison to the significance of the brown dwarf stars it will detect.

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