Germany plans to use only renewable energy by 2050

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Here's an article in Spanish I noticed on Meneame today about Germany's plans to use only renewable energy by 2050, a relatively short period of time (40 years ago for example was just 1970). Green energy in Germany now makes up 16% of the total, compared to 5% just five years ago. This is still below Spain which is now at 26%. Spain along with Germany have a goal called the four 20s: 1) by 2020 2) reduce CO2 emissions by 20%, 3) increase energy efficiency by 20%, and 4) have 20% of energy be produced by renewable sources.

Also from the article: Germany is the second-largest producer of wind power in the world after the US (note: this is total, not per capita), and the wind power sector employs 300,000 people. Spain has also multiplied the number of people employed working in areas related to renewable energy by 30 over the past decade, now reaching about half a million.

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