Spoken articles on the Turkish Wikipedia

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

While we're on the subject, Wikipedia in Turkish has a few spoken articles as well. You can see them all here, but those that might be particularly interesting for Page F30 readers are:

  • Tanrı'nın Şehri - City of God or De Civitate Dei, the book by Augustine.
  • Kayıp Cennet - Paradise Lost, by Milton.
  • Tanrı - God. Just like Persian has its own word for God separate from Allah (khodâ, خدا) so does Turkish that goes back to their common roots with Mongolia. See Tengriism in English for more on that.
  • Arthur C. Clarke. A man who needs no introduction..
  • Stargate Universe. I actually know nothing about Stargate but others certainly do.
  • El-Kanun fi't-Tıb or Canon Medicinae, the medieval book of medicine originally written by a Persian in Arabic and later translated into Latin and other languages.
  • Haçkar or Khachkar, the Armenian cross you can see there on the right.

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