Space links for 7 June 2010: Gliese 581d, Venus, Stephen Colbert and Atlantis

Monday, June 07, 2010

Once again I have too many stories and links to write about separately on their own and too many tabs open at one time, so here are a few of them all put together in one post.

The first one is here from a week ago, with a study on possible habitability for the planet Gliese 581d. That's the planet that originally was thought to be too cold to support life (as we know it, of course) while Gliese 581c got all the attention in the beginning, but depending on its atmosphere it could easily have a temperature above the freezing point of water.

Next is a recent thread here on about terraforming Venus.

On the same subject, here's a very impressive page with tons of info on the Soviet missions to Venus. Back then missions to Venus were extremely frequent and they managed not only to send probes to orbit the planet but also balloons in the upper atmosphere as well as a few landers that survived for long enough to take pictures and send back crucial data that had never been obtained before. It even includes profiles of the engineers that worked on the probes.

Next is an interview done by Stephen Colbert with the astronauts on the latest Space Shuttle Atlantis mission. You can see Garrett Reisman there, who has done (at least?) two other interviews with him.

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