On replacing the Spanish eñe (ñ) with ny

Friday, June 18, 2010

One more interesting link today from Meneame deserves to be mentioned - a blog post here on changing the Spanish eñe (ñ) to ny. It's written by an Esperantist who writes on how both Esperanto and German have ways to get around their superscribed letters (Esperanto has the x-sistemo and h-sistemo while German can write ß as ss) and that Spanish ñ could become ny instead. One interesting example given there is that since ñ represents ny in Spanish, Kenya should technically be written as Keña instead of Kenya (though more frequently Kenia).

Personally I don't think ñ is that big a deal and the more prominent a position Spanish has the more such accented letters will be accommodated, but it's interesting how willing Spanish speakers are to discuss such changes to the language whereas with English and French any proposed changes are thrown out the window straight away. It may have something to do with the fact that English and French would have to be changed so much in order to make the orthography easy to learn, whereas Spanish is already quite easy to pronounce so any more proposed changes are simple tweaks.

For an idea of what Spanish might look like with ñ as ny, see Wikipedia in Ladino / Judaeo-Spanish.

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