Wind power in Iowa now at 14.2%, may reach 20% during 2010

Monday, May 03, 2010

President Barack Obama was in Iowa the other day to visit a wind power plant and put a spotlight both on the technology there as well as the Recovery Act whereby companies like the one he visited were able to benefit. Since Google / YouTube began giving the option to translate videos into any of the 50+ languages it supports automatic translation for I've been paying more attention to the White House's YouTube account as it's a nice way to get one's political fix in while simultaneously a bit of study as well. The White House is usually pretty quick to upload the script which makes the translation that much more accurate (without which audio detection has to be used), though always keep in mind that the more similar the language is to English (and the more content there is in the language) the more accurate it will be. I don't recommend this for Korean and Japanese, for example. Norwegian, Spanish, Afrikaans, Dutch, Portuguese, sure.

Watching the embedded video won't do it though - in order to see subtitles in other languages you have to go directly to the video's page.

Back to the subject of wind power in Iowa - Wikipedia has a page on that very subject, which notes that Iowa eclipsed California in 2008 as the leader in wind power production, and may reach 20% this year. That would be about equivalent to Denmark, which is the world leader per capita in producing 19% of its electricity through wind power.

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