Videos by the FW de Klerk Foundation on the current situation and future of Afrikaans

Friday, May 14, 2010

Yesterday I noticed that the FW de Klerk Foundation has a large number of videos on YouTube (41 in total) with talks in Afrikaans on the current state and future of the language in South Africa (and probably other parts of the world too; haven't looked at all the videos yet).

This video for example is on the future of Afrikaans in the University of Stellenbosch:

and this one is on Afrikaans in universities in general.

Given that since the videos were uploaded (February) Google has added the ability for transcriptions for videos to be automatically translated, I sent them an email asking whether they would be interested in providing transcriptions for the videos as well. That would give students the opportunity not only to read the transcription in Afrikaans but also to automatically translate it too. My email:

Hi, ek is van Kanada (maar woon in Korea) en leer Afrikaans en dink dat die videos in YouTube oor die toekoms van Afrikaans baie interessant is. Maar ek wil graag wet, om as dit is moontlik vir julle transkripsies vir die videos te oplaai, want dit sou my help om die taal beter te leer. In YouTube nou kan man die outomatiese vertaling van Google bruik, dus kon ek leer die transkripsie in Afrikaans en die vertaling in engels sien, 'n groote hulp vir my en alle mense wat Afrikaans hou en wil leer.

Dankie vir julle hulp!

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