Now 1000+ entries in the Idiom Neutral - English dictionary

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

As mentioned two days ago, after having typed up the grammar of Idiom Neutral from 1903 I'm now working on the dictionary. The tasks to complete are:

* Idiom Neutral - English dictionary: almost finished A - D (1000+ entries)
* English - Idiom Neutral dictionary
* German grammar
* Idiom Neutral - German dictionary
* German - Idiom Neutral dictionary

I'll be putting these up here one at a time as they are completed, but if you want a copy of the work in progress send me an email and I'll give you a copy. After all these tasks are done and I'm familiar with the vocabulary it will probably be time to update and expand upon the dictionary, as it's not only quite easy to do so with suffixes (like -itet to adjectives to create nouns) but adding new radicals/words to the language is also quite an easy matter. The dictionary doesn't have the word asteroid for example, but does have astr for star, astrolog for astrologer, astrologi for astrology, astronom for astronomer, astronomiik for astronomical, and astronomi for astronomy, so asteroid would certainly be astroid. Vesta es astroid leplu masiv in sintur de astroidi (because Ceres is a dwarf planet, a planet nan).

A term like hydrostatic equilibrium is also quite easy, as ekuilibri is equilibrium and the dictionary has hidrostatik for hydrostatics (a noun), but there are a few nouns that are also adjectives (akademian = a. academic, also n. academician) so adding a., hydrostatic to the entry for hidrostatik also shouldn't be a problem.

I also noticed that the dictionary is lacking in a few basic areas that will need to be added to for new users. The word for where just says keloke or keplase, but doesn't explain what where should be as a relative particle (e.g. the country where I lived last year). The way when in this way is used in Idiom Neutral is kel, such as in kel (in which), a kel (to which), etc. So the country (where) I visited last year would be:

Land a kel mi voyajav ultim anu

and the country where I lived last year would be:

Land in kel mi vivav ultim anu.


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