First update to the Idiom Neutral - English dictionary

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I've been writing some content in Idiom Neutral over the past few days (more about that when I'm done) and have been updating the dictionary as I go along. Some of the updates are really easy such as updating salon by adding the term living room to the existing drawing-room, others are just about as easy as they are just obvious derivations (-ar to -asion), and one I've added tentatively as I needed a word and would like to see some input from the community before proceeding. The new and certain words are marked with (N), and the tentative ones are marked with (P) - proposed.

The proposed word is marvel, and the derivative marvelos. IN already has mirakl and miraklos under marvelous and wonderful, but spanning three words (miraculous, wonderful, marvelous) seems like too much of a responsibility for one word, and miraculous seems a little out of place anyway considering how often the word wondrous is used in daily conversation. Miraklos! Vo et av album nov? Miraklos? Ist kaf et es miraklos!

I also missed two pages from the dictionary for some reason (Lance let me know about that), so that was about another 100 - 200 free words in one go. Total word count is probably now about 7600.

Download the latest version of the dictionary here.

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