Reddit thread on free software to keep an eye on

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A thread on Reddit right now on free software people there find to be most useful is getting a lot of upvotes, and with that there are a lot of comments and software that looks to be quite useful. It includes some that I've mentioned here before such as f.lux (a program that softens/reddens the screen at night in order to make it easier on the yes) and anki (a program to create flash cards to efficiently learn new vocabulary), but also quite a few others I've yet to try out but seem promising. Another flash card program there is called Cuecard, and I downloaded it and tried it out but I really don't have much patience for flashcards to learn vocabulary so I can't really can't say which is better.

Something else called Evernote also looks interesting, but I haven't gotten around to trying it out yet.

Reddit users are on the whole very concerned with having a system as free from bloatware as possible, so the software recommended and voted up there is pretty much all very easy on system resources. Of course, the more points a comment has the better, so software recommendations on comments with only one point haven't been voted on yet and thus may not be all that good.

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