France to buy 50,000 electric vehicles for public companies to use

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This news is certainly in French and English somewhere, but I noticed it on Meneame so here it is in Spanish. Info from the article:
The French government announced today a tender for the purchase of 50,000 electric vehicles to go to public and private companies, under its plan to promote electric vehicles. It will also give 5000 euros of support for those who purchase these vehicles.

The tender will begin on the 23rd with a "competitive dialogue" with the makers of the vehicles, as there will be a series of technical conditions such as (the most important) the ability to go at least 150 kilometres on a single charge.

The public companies that will receive these vehicles include Airports de Paris, Air France, Areva, Bouygues, EDF, ERDF, Eiffage, France Télécom, GDF-Suez, GRT Gaz, GRDF, RATP, SAUR, SNCF, SPIE, UGAP, Vinci and Veolia.
 Personally, my favourite is still the Think City.

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