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Saturday, April 10, 2010

For those interested in the Korea-related news on Page F30, I've begun working with a good friend of mine on a site here called which is more or less the same as Reddit (easy sign up, submit links, vote other links and comments up if you like them and down if you don't) but with content related to Korea. If you're interested in Korea or just feel like helping out to make the site more lively then feel free to sign up (requires just a name and password, no email address) and vote on links that deserve more prominence. I've written up a quick intro on the site here as well as there is a large expat population in Korea that is used to commenting on a site called Dave's ESL Cafe and the mass of Wordpress/Blogger blogs out there, but may not be used to how Reddit's system works.

Collaborating on a site like that is easy so no changes to posting frequency here will happen at all.

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