14 good songs in Afrikaans on Openlanguages.net

Friday, April 09, 2010

The best site to learn Afrikaans is probably this one, a site that used to be hosted at Afrikaans.us but moved to Openlanguages.net about a year or two ago. There is a very large selection of Afrikaans music there as well, with lyrics and an English translation for just about every song there, and it has been updated quite a bit since 2007 when I last took a good look at the site. Musically of course some songs there are better than others, and since good music is easier to listen to over and over again I've compiled a list of songs that are probably the best ones there. This doesn't mean that the others are unlistenable though, and musical preferences vary by person so be sure to check out the other songs for yourself to find your favourites.

The 14 I chose are:

1. Vir My - strong chorus
2. Brief vir Simone - actually wasn't going to include this but for some reason the chorus (ek wil jou hê, Simone...) reminds me of those Sesame Street covers of famous rock songs I grew up with during the 80s.

3. Genade van die Liefde - my favourite of the "new" songs available on the site
4. Swerwer
5. Ek Bou 'n Huisie
6. Sien Jy Nou
7. Ag, My Kind - no instruments here, just singing. Love the ending on this one.
8. Ontrafel
9. Vir Ander
10. Pretoria - this, along with Smoorverlief just below are very good.
11. Smoorverlief
12. Maan
13. Om Jammer te Sê
14. Die Onverkrygbare

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