Word frequency for Occidental, Lingua Franca Nova, Ido, Interlingua, Esperanto

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some more playing around with Wordle, this time with a few auxlangs. Let's start with Occidental.

Occidental is taken from Cosmoglotta, so it's the most politically-themed of the languages chosen here. That's why you can see the words Esperanto and IALA in there. I think I removed li (the) when I made this yesterday.

Next is Lingua Franca Nova, which was taken from three long articles from the LFN Wiki. Capitan, barcon (ship) and viaja made it in there because of a translation of Treasure Island, not because LFNistes always talk about sailing the high seas and nabbing treasure.

After that is Ido, which was made from the complete text of the Kompleta Gramatiko Detaloza. The word la is actually the most frequent but when included it absolutely dwarfs the rest of the words so it had to be taken out. Here are the rest.

Following that is Interlingua, which is taken from the Curso de Conversation. It has a lot of names so those were removed.

Finally we have Esperanto, but that didn't work so well as the supersigned letters weren't detected properly. Strange because the application even has an option to remove common Esperanto words, which I did, so the three largest (kaj, de and la) don't show up here.


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