The UK now has a space agency of its own - UKSA

Friday, March 26, 2010

One of the oddities about the United Kingdom thus far has been that it has never had an official national space agency. Though it has done some work in contributing to aerospace research (about $400 million a year, barely more than Canada), this has been divided among smaller scientific councils and government departments. This is going to change now though, with a new agency set up to consolidate the UK's research and exploration into space.

After consolidation it looks like funding is going to stay about the same, but what will be different here will be the ability to pool all resources into one area which can be used for more impressive projects.

This person has been excited about the idea since last December, when space minister Lord Drayson announced that it would be happening.

It's also nice to see that the government views this as an economic investment too, since the result of the money spent on space agencies is not only interesting but also a very large return on investment given the technological spinoffs it creates.

There are a lot of videos online on this too, such as these two (one short, one long).

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