Remember the comedy that replaced Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

After arguing for a third season of Terminator: TSCC and later on seeing the complete garbage it was replaced with, there was nothing left to do but admit defeat and go on to other things.

A few months later I decided to check the fate of the new show that replaced Terminator in its horrible Friday 8:00 pm time slot, and it turns out it was cancelled after 13 episodes, with its last showing in December. Even a move from Friday to Sunday didn't save the show. Let's superimpose the ratings from that show over that Terminator got during season 2.

And the drop in the middle for Terminator? That's when it moved to Friday nights along with Dollhouse. The spike in viewership for Brothers was also due to a move from Friday to Sunday, where it remained until it was cancelled after thirteen episodes. Now let's compare the two in the same time slot only, on Friday. There were nine Terminator episodes at this time, and five for Brothers. Viewership for Friday was:

So, in short: cancelling Terminator was a bad move. Replacing Terminator with another show resulted in lower viewership, and the show was soon cancelled after that. Something tells me the show never had any rabid fans either.

And once again, this is not directed at the creators of the show Brothers, who certainly just intended to make a comedy that would air at any time and hopefully succeed. It just happened to be the unlucky candidate to replace Terminator in Fridays and thus suffers from the comparison.

Also, an article here from last month is a good read on how to reboot the series.


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