Learning Turkish through Euronews: 20 years since Lithuania declared independence

Friday, March 12, 2010

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Lithuania's declaration of independence from the Soviet Union, and an article from Euronews in Turkish with video can be seen here. The content in the video is exactly the same as the text, except for a few lines that were simply omitted. They are:

Paragraph one, second sentence is not included; go straight from ilan etti to Cumhurbaşkanı in the next paragraph.

Paragraph two: Avrupa’nın kuzeyindeki (in the north of Europe) is not said.

Paragraph three & four: no difference.

Paragraph five: second sentence is not included; go straight from ilk ülke oldu to 23 Ağustos in the next paragraph.

Everything else after that: no differences, except at the very end where Vilnius ise is pronounced as Vilnius sa. İse means "as for" but is also said as se or sa (depending on vowel harmony), so the meaning is the same.


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