Learning Turkish: Elections in Iraq

Monday, March 08, 2010

Euronews has a piece of news here in Turkish on the elections in Iraq today. The most striking number there is probably the participation in the village of Al Anbar (among other places), where participation reached 63.8% compared to 2005 where only 1% (!) voted.

As usual, the video is mostly the same as the text but there are a few differences that I've marked here for those learning Turkish. Add these changes and the video will be exactly the same as the text.

Paragraph 1 - no changes

Paragraph 2

- görüldü changed to belirtildi.

Paragraph 3

- oran sadece yüzde bir düzeyindeydi changed to oranın sadece yüzde bir olduğu belirtildi.

Paragraph 4

- yorumlarını beraberinde getirdi changed to anlamına geliyor.

Paragraph 5

- Milletler changed to Milletlerin
- seçimlerin şeffaf ... changed to yapılan seçimlerin şeffaflık taşıdığını belirtiliyor.

Paragraph 6

- Öte yandan deleted; starts from ülkede.

Paragraph 7

- Öte yandan added to the beginning.


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