2006 video on journeying to the centre of the universe

Monday, March 08, 2010

Here's a video on the size of the universe that was uploaded in 2006 that I didn't notice until today. A pity about using miles to express distances but besides that it's another fairly good example of giving an idea of the immenseness of the universe. There's always something about the Virgo Cluster I find to be a bit chilling. I still prefer my method though, low-tech though it may be. This page is also a great way to visualize the size of the Solar System. I'm also considering creating a video sometime to explain the surface area of certain locations like Ceres, which are often thought of as being much smaller than they actually are. Something like this but in video form.

Something happens in this video though right at 5:13 that led to it having almost 4000 comments so far. In comparison this video with almost the same number of hits only has 1500. I'll let you guess what leads to the fervent discussion below.


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