Learning Turkish through Euronews: Eurozone manufacturing up, service sector growth has slowed a bit

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Here's a nice short video (only 25 seconds long) in Turkish from Euronews for those learning the language, with only a few differences between the script and the voice heard in the video. Here are the differences:

sabit kaldı (remained at) becomes sabit kalırken, then it skips to the next line and doesn't say Euro bölgesi (Eurozone). The final line is also missing ~ ise yarım puan artarak (as for ~, it increased by half a point...) and skips straight to the number at the end.

Since the article is so short, I'll provide a full English translation as well.

The Eurozone's manufacturing sector in February showed its best performance in two and a half years. However, the growth in the service sector, the backbone of Europe's economy, slowed.

The market research company Markit's composite index remained at 53.7 points in February.

The Eurozone's manufacturing index, at 52.4 points last year, increased to 54.1 points in February. The service sector increased by half a point to 52.


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