Eurostat: London has the highest income in the EU, Bulgaria's Severozapaden the lowest

Friday, February 19, 2010

This comes from an article on Euronews here in Turkish and other languages. The spoken news from the video and the written article are quite different so Turkish students may want to skip this one unless you want a challenge.

In London, the average income is 49100 euros, while the part of the EU with the lowest income is Severozapaden in northwestern Bulgaria, with an average income of 6400 euros. That's the capital Pleven on the right. An image of the capital with people on the streets can be seen here and here.

Be sure to note that 6400 euros a year is the lowest for the EU, which is a pretty high standard. 6400 euros a year is the average GDP for Turkey, and slightly more than Mexico and Brazil. Input the number into the Global Rich List and it ends up at the top 13.73% in the world. London's average puts it in the top 0.9%, but then again the city is fiendishly expensive to live in too.

The cities with the highest incomes after London were Luxembourg, Brussels and Hamburg, and Prague was the only city in the east to make the top 20.


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