Private space stations, asteroid quakes, new space suits, etc.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here are a few links that have built up over the past few days that deserve to be shared.

The first one is an article on a paper on the history of Ganymede and how it ended up so different from Callisto despite being made of largely the same material, and apparently that could have resulted from Ganymede being pummeled with 80 times more material during the Late Heavy Bombardment, melting it and causing rocky material to sink to the core.

Here is an overview of the space suits NASA intends to begin using after 2020. A video on this can be seen here.

An article here from explains why some small asteroids turn out to be much smoother than one would expect: passing by Earth and other massive bodies may give them tiny asteroid quakes which then shift material around, resulting in a smoother surface than would otherwise be present without them.

And finally this article on Bigelow Aerospace and the race to develop private space stations (and launching capacity with SpaceX) before the Space Shuttles retire.


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