Local government in Zhangzhiajie renames mountain after mountain range in Avatar

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Interesting story here on the renaming of a mountain in Zhangziajie in China, from 乾坤柱 (lit. heaven and earth pillar) or 南天一柱 (lit. south-heaven/sky-one-pillar) to 《阿凡达》“哈利路亚山” (Avatar Hallelujah Mountain), after the floating Hallelujah Mountains in Avatar. The reason for that is that the mountains in the region apparently served as inspiration for those in the movie (these mountains in another part of the country are also reported to have been an inspiration as well). The final image here shows the mountain being given its new name, and this has some more pictures of the mountain as well.

Is renaming the mountain a good idea? Sure it is. Avatar's just one tiny step away from eclipsing Titanic in box office sale, and there are going to be at least two more movies after this one.


Anonymous said...

Great news.

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