Why the non-Iranian community is also important

Friday, December 04, 2009

Since about late July or so news about protests in Iran has become somewhat commonplace in the media as it seems that the struggle against the current regime is going to take longer than some had thought, and this has meant a drop in interest from many of those without any personal connections to Iran. Those who live in Iran or have family there naturally have no choice but to maintain a high interest on events inside the country, but it's worth noting that those either in the country or with family there always face a certain amount of risk when they criticize the regime. Often even those that do not live in Iran (and indeed may never have lived or even visited there) may still have their Facebook or other activity monitored, and family living in Iran may suffer as a result.

It is because of this that the non-Iranian community is also very important. This includes me (no Iranian heritage but an interest in the country and language) as well as some people like Nate Silver for example, who I assume also has no strong personal ties to Iran...as well as sites like Daily Kos and any others that deal with international issues. One very easy way to keep up a steady coverage of events for those that may have a site with a lot of traffic, a lot of interest but no specialized knowledge is to simply collaborate with someone in Iran or with family there, post updates written by that person every few days or so, and keep the process anonymous.

As for protests in Iran - the next major ones will occur in a few days, on 16 Azar (7 December), and NIAC is always a good place to stay up to date.


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