Which dialect / regional variant do Germans like the best?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Apparently it's Bayerisch. The online poll also puts Nieder-Plattdeutsch (Low German) in first place with Bayerisch, and personally that's also my favourite simply because it resembles English and Dutch so much and in an alternate history it would have been nice to see that as Germany's official language in order to create a more unified Germanic language continuum. Wikipedia has a nice illustration of some vocabulary in these languages, and you can see that German often stands out on its own.

Proto-Germanic High German Low German Dutch English German Frisian
k ch maken, moaken, maaken maken make machen meitsje
k kch Karl, Korl Karel Carl, Ceorl, Churl Karl Kirl, Tsjirl
d t Dag, Dach dag day Tag Dei
t ss eten, äten eten eat essen ite
t z (/ts/) teihn, tian tien ten zehn tsien
t tz, z (/ts/) sitten zitten sit sitzen sitte
p f, ff Schipp, Schepp schip ship, skiff Schiff skip
p pf Peper, Päpa peper pepper Pfeffer peper
β b Wief, Wiewer wijf, wijven * wife, wives Weib, Weiber * wyf, wyven

I would translate some of the article but really it's a subject that only those that already know a fair amount of German would be interested in.


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