Portuguese language update, December 2009: free Portuguese courses in Dubai, expansion of Portuguese courses at Macao Polytechnic Institute

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Two links to share today on Portuguese:

If you're living in Dubai then this may be for you - free Portuguese language courses at Eton Institute at Dubai Knowledge Village. I don't know anything about Dubai but luckily Google does so I can show you the location:

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The second link is here, and is good news for Portuguese as the Macao Polytechnic Institute will now be offering a graduate program in Portuguese as well as the existing undergraduate programs. Macau is a pretty strategically valuable location for China due to its history with Portugal, and it's good to see that it is being made good use of. And yes, Google knows the location of the university too. It's close to the Doca dos Pescadores de Macau.

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