Na'vi language page on Wikipedia avoids English

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

See, the page was never really in any danger as the language is being discussed in far too many secondary sources for its notability to be questioned.


A page in German on the language was recently created, and it has now been nominated for deletion there. So far the consensus there too seems to be that the article should be kept. There doesn't seem to be any precedent on the German Wikipedia either for bundling fictional languages in with their creator or work as is often the case with characters, as we have a separate page on Klingon and Elvish. It may be that languages simply have too much information bundled with them to be confined to a few paragraphs in other related articles.

In the meantime, I'm happy to share this link reporting that Avatar has only dropped a total of 3% compared to its opening weekend. Apparently any drop under 50% over an opening weekend is considered to be a positive sign for a film. Now might be a good time to point and laugh at this article (among a few others) that predicted Avatar might just be the biggest flop in film history. And along with the huge continued popularity of the film we are also continuing to see a continuation in the Avatar-themed science articles as well, such as this one from today. Apparently the gravity on Pandora is 80% that of Earth, which is what I assumed it would be after watching the movie.


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