NASA astronaut Nicole Stott on life aboard the International Space Station

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Here's a fairly detailed look at what life on board the ISS is like, a nice focus on the "mundane" details of everyday life in space instead of just current and planned missions.

Some of the subjects the article features are: her professional role on the ISS, electricity powering the station, is there exposed wiring, what kind of wall plugs are there, can you tell the difference between modules designed by different countries, do cosmonauts and astronauts tend to stay in their own areas, is it weird to see a lot of Cyrillic or Kanji, what is space like compared to being underwater, can you tell new parts of the station apart from old ones, what sort of graffiti/labels/decals/etc. are there that mark a personal presence on the station, do parts of the ISS have nicknames, does the ISS itself have a name, is the ISS a he or a she, what does it sound, smell and taste like.

This is probably the best photo in the article.


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