Father of Korean family living in Vanuatu has a blog

Friday, December 11, 2009

Today on TV was a rerun of a documentary from last year about a Korean family that had moved to Vanuatu four years ago. Their life in Korea was pretty much a hectic mess with lots of late work and company drinking and other types of stress, and one day they decided to up and move to Vanuatu. Now in Vanuatu they run a hotel and send their children to schools where they learn both English and French (and assumedly Bislama from their schoolmates) and the rest of their life looks pretty idyllic with the ocean right next to them, lots of free fruit and other things to eat straight from trees nearby, and the overall relaxed nature of the country itself.

He also has a blog, which is here. It's all in Korean and has quite a bit of good information about recent developments, such as a rumoured direct airline route from Seoul to Vanuatu, and a paved highway that has finally started construction and will be completed next year. Here's an image of a sign announcing the construction.

The site also has a lot of videos, such as this one from today driving down a part of the newly paved road, which apparently wasn't there just two months ago. They also talk about how dusty the old road used to be, and that this new road is like Vanuatu's Autobahn.


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