Movement for the defense of French created in Montérégie, Quebec

Monday, November 30, 2009

Radio Canada has an article on the subject here, with a total of 76 comments so far. Here's what the article says:

A group for the protection of French has been created in Montérégie. Connected to the Mouvement Montréal français, the Mouvement Montérégie français intends to fight against the anglicization of the southern suburb of the metropolis.

"The Island of Montreal is being anglicized, and this is flowing over the border (into other regions). French is losing ground in many areas, in Brossard, in Châteauguay, in Delson, in La Prairie, in Longueil", says the spokesman for the group, the author Yves Beauchemin.

The movement intends to promote French in this region by participating in welcoming and francization of new arrivals.

Montérégie is the region with the third largest number of immigrants in Quebec. If the group sees a link (to immigrants and a weakening of French), it does not blame them, however.

"It is our attitude to French that is the problem. Quebec almost always uses English with newcomers. It's the softness of the Charest government in defending and promoting French", says Yves Beauchemin.

He also lays blame on the decisions of the Supreme Court, where the last one invalidated Law 104. That law, passed in 2002, closed the door to allophone children who entered English public schools after a stint in a private school.

"This decision is the 200th change, or nearly so, that the Supreme Court has imposed on Law 101, and there it affects the language of instruction."

The Mouvement Montérégie français will be officially launched on Sunday  by a rally denouncing this decision of the highest court in the country.

Some of the comments below blame the quality (grammar, proper usage) of French in Montreal and Quebec for immigrants not learning it (that's definitely not true). One interesting comment has been written by someone from Switzerland about how Switzerland handles linguistic policy.


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