Learning Korean through music: 연인 2/3 (lover) by 자우림

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A post from another site of mine that I originally wrote on 2004.01.04. Remember, the translation is done as literally as possible, in order to help the student.

Here's a live version of the song on YouTube.

Original post from 2004:

This song is track #5 on the pink album. It's not one of their most famous songs but it's one of my favourites. The lyrics are a bit...brutal I suppose. Nothing one would want to hear from a girl one likes.

Song lyrics

4)나를 사랑하는 너는 맘 따뜻한 정열가
나를 위해 무엇이던 할 수 있을거야, 그렇지?
나를 대신해 죽을 수도 있을테지, 너라면
하지만 네가 생각할 수 없을 한가지 나를 대신해 살아줄 수는 없어, 그럴 순 없어
나를 위하지마, 나를 위하지마, 나를 위하지마, 나를 원하지마...
나를 사랑하는 너는 거짓말을 하진 않아
나를 위해 별이라도 따오겠지, 그렇지?
나를 대신해 지옥에라도 갈거야, 너라면
하지만 네가 생각할 수도 없을 한가지 그래서 나는 너를 견딜 수 없어, 그럴 수 없어
이해할 수 없는 넌 나를 가질 수 없어, 나를 알지 못한 널 난 사랑할 수 없어

You're a warm-hearted romantic that loves me.
You could do anything if it was for me, couldn't you?
And you, you could even die for me...
But there's one thing you couldn't conceive of...You can't live for me, no you can't do that
Not for me, not for me, not for me... don't want me
don't want me
don't want me (repeat)
You that loves me, wouldn't tell a lie
You would even bring the stars if it was for me, right?
And you, you could even go to hell for me
But there's one thing you couldn't conceive of...That's why I can't stand you, I can't do that
You that can't understand me can't keep me, I can't love you when you don't know me
Not for me... (repeat)
Don't want me (repeat)

맘(마음)-Heart/mind. 맘 is an abbreviated form.
정열가-Romantic. 정열 means passion.
대신하다-To take place of
너라면-lit. If you.
한가지-One thing.
나를 위하다-For me.
나를 원하다-Want me.
따오다-Take back
견디다-Withstand, put up with

대 신해, - In place of. 친구 대신해 시험을 보다 - to take a test in place of a friend.  사장님 대신해 부장님이 회의에 들어갔어요 - The director went to the meeting in place of the president.

...를 위해- For something. This comes after a noun and can be followed by a verb as in the sentence 평화를 위해 우리는 많이 노력해야 되다 - We have to work hard for peace.
너를 위하면 뭐든지 할 수 있어 - I can do anything (if it's) for you.
원 하다-To want. 내가 제일 원하는 것은...-The thing I want the most is... This want, however, is not a sustitute for the English want as in, I want to go, I want to sleep, etc. 원하다 has more to do with desiring or coveting something. If you were to say "I want to sleep", you would take the verb 자다 and take off the 다, add a 고 싶다, and you would have 자고 싶다, which can then be conjugated like any other verb, ie.
자고 싶어 (I want to sleep)
자고 싶어요 (I want to sleep, polite)
자고 싶지 않아 (I don't want to sleep)
자고 싶지 않아요 (I don't want to sleep, polite)
자고 싶은 사람 (the person who wants to sleep)
and so on...

라도- Or something. 학교라도 - school or something. With nouns with a 받침(a consonant on the bottom) it becomes -이라도.
신문이라도 읽으면 어때? What if you read a newspaper or something?
커피라도 마셔 봐 - Drink some coffee of something.
라도 can often sound rude however, as the 'or something' implies that you don't really care if they do something else from the idea you have proposed.


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