Bill Stone in 2007 on Europa and exploring the Moon's south pole

Monday, November 23, 2009

One person that must have been particularly pleased by the announcement of water all over the surface of the Moon and the LCROSS impact showing water in particularly heavy concentrations is Bill Stone. These recent announcements have given a video of his given in 2007 at TED extra importance, as though he spoke in 2007 as if the presence of water on the Moon in the south pole was a certainty (it more or less was, but science is all about being careful and holding off from making strong statements until they can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt), now even the most cautious of us all now know that it is.

As is always the case, don't forget that this video has been translated into other languages (seven so far) so if you are studying one of them don't forget to switch to subtitles.


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