Armenia to participate in project to translate Turkish books into other languages

Thursday, November 05, 2009

This is from an article here in Turkish that shows some of the first peripheral effects from a warming of relations between Turkey and Armenia.
Armenia to translate 200 works in Turkish into Armenian

In the TEDA project (a project supporting the translation of Turkish culture, art and literature into other languages) thus far 30 works in Greece, 35 in Bulgaria and around 10 in Syria have been translated from Turkish.

Armenia has begun participating in the project after making a request to join.

According to the TEDA site itself some 400 works have been translated thus far.

As for what this "support" means in more concrete terms, TEDA's site says that it depends on a number of factors but some concrete numbers can be seen here from 2005, where an average of 4000 euros or so ($6000 USD) is paid for a translation. Average GDP per capita in Armenia is $3,684 so this is equivalent to 19 months' average salary in the country, and thus quite a good deal for a translator in Armenia.

An article here on Russia's role in the area may also be of interest.


Anonymous said...

Turkey could start by constitutionally guaranteeing all people the right to change/practice the religion of their choice - with a ban on discrimination based on religion and/or ethnicity.

Would Turkey also have to recognize the Armenian holocaust in order to join the EU?

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