Tense interview between Michael Moore and CNN subtitled in Spanish

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Found an interview from a few days ago with Michael Moore on CNN giving an interview about his new film about capitalism, but subtitled in Spanish. If you're a political junkie and happen to be studying Spanish then it's always nice to find a video like this where you can do something during the ten minutes besides just listen to the interview. Kind of like the Ted.com subtitled videos but about politics instead of science and whatnot.

Political junkies are often addicted to reading comments in addition to video clips posted online, and here are some comments in Spanish on the same video to read.

Since I also spend a fair amount of time on forums online this is a piece of advice I often give to people that I encounter there that want to know of a good way to learn a language - find something you do anyway and then just switch the language. If you are learning Norwegian for example and happen to spend a lot of time online and enjoy debating religion and philosophy then there's no reason not to go here - you can do the exact same thing you do in your free time but in another language, and in spite of Norwegian's population of only 5 million people that still results in 111,453 posts on religion and philosophy alone, certainly more than enough.


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