Flock (the web browser) releases Spanish language version. Portuguese to follow.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flock is a relatively successful niche web browser modelled on Firefox but with different features built in, mostly related to social networking. In order to expand on their user base they have recently released a Spanish language version of the browser as well. Due to the size of the community that uses the language this one is being promoted with quite a bit more fanfare than the other language versions, including partnering with Univision, as you can see in this screen capture.

Another big language out there has users that seem very attracted to social networking, and that's Portugese. Thanks to avid use in Brazil Portuguese has become the #2 language on Twitter, Brazilian users apparently have swamped Orkut, and perhaps they would like this browser as well. I wrote that suggestion in the comments below and a few hours later the community ambassador for Flock replied that yes, they are working on a Portuguese translation.


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