Documentary in both English and Persian on the Daily Show's Jason Jones and Tim Greenberg in Iran (June 2009)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

In case you missed the Daily Show documentary from inside Iran during the election you can see it here; it's a total of six parts. Three days ago however a new video came out detailing the filming itself and how the two of them found Iran to be when they were there (a big worry before going was whether people there would actually get the humour and the point of the show but it turned out that this was no problem at all), and even better - it's available in both English and Persian. Great not just for Iranians but also students of the language. Just like this video I wrote on a few days ago in both English and Russian these two are also carbon copies of each other besides the language, and those studying Persian (or Iranians etc. studying English I suppose) can simply start them both, pause, play a sentence in one, pause, play a sentence in the other, pause, and continue. Studying a language doesn't get any more fun than this.

Daily Show Goes to Iran from sahar sarshar on Vimeo.

Daily Show Travels to Iran - (Farsi Translated version) from sahar sarshar on Vimeo.


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