Results from the weekly poll on readers' experience with constructed languages

Friday, September 04, 2009

The poll on the right just ended and I'll be taking it down soon, but the results are in this post. A total of 65 people voted this time, and the results were fairly interesting.

First of all, there was a bit more "other" selected than I had hoped, but there is quite a variety of opinion on constructed languages (as varied as opinions on politics, in fact) so that might have been unavoidable.

No surprise that the majority voted for having heard about Esperanto but not much direct experience. Just about anyone with a fairly high level of education/curiosity will at least know the name of one or more constructed languages, probably Esperanto.

One interesting note was the large number of people that said they had studied Esperanto a bit - that was second at 18%. That's probably due to the linguistically curious nature of regular visitors to Page F30.

Finally, adding together options 4-8 gives 41% that have direct experience with one or more constructed languages.

The next poll will probably be up tomorrow.


What sort of experience do you have with constructed languages?

I don't really know anything about them.
3 (4%)
I've heard about Esperanto (and maybe another one or two) but nothing much beyond that.
24 (36%)
I intend to learn Esperanto eventually.
2 (3%)
I've studied Esperanto a bit.
12 (18%)
I'm an Esperantist (I can speak / actively promote the language)
8 (12%)
I'm an active user / supporter of another constructed language.
3 (4%)
I know a number of constructed languages but prefer one.
2 (3%)
I know a number of constructed languages and support them all more or less.
3 (4%)
8 (12%)

Votes so far: 65
Poll closed


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