Kaliningrad always gets the short end of the stick

Friday, September 04, 2009

Last week I wrote a post here where I mentioned a few methods to ascertain the character of a country or location by its position alone. One good example is how the presence of an exclave very often results in instability due to geographic separation eventually leading to an emotional separation as well, and exclaves often begin to demand independence. One of the examples of an exclave given was Kaliningrad, part of Russia but isolated since the Soviet Union fell due to the independence of Latvia and Lithuania next door.

Apparently the situation for Kaliningrad has gotten a bit worse since 2004 too, since that was when Latvia and Lithuania joined the EU and thus adopted its visa regulations as well, which put Kaliningrad in a less advantageous position.

Back to the post: a comment was left a few days ago leading to a site here that is written by a supporter of independence for Kaliningrad, which mentions the visa inconvenience here.

You can also see a pdf here making the argument for a return to its traditional name of Königsberg.


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