Greenhouse gases fall in the European Union for the fourth year in a row, no more 100-watt bulbs

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Two articles from La Presse on the EU over the past few days:

The first one is here, which says that gas emissions in Europe have dropped 1.5% and also for the fourth consecutive year, placing the EU in a good position to fulfill the objectives of the Kyoto Accord.

Another one here says that starting 1 September (that's today), the EU begin retiring its 100-watt bulbs in a process that will take three years, replacing classic bulbs with next-generation bulbs that consume 80% less electricity (classic bulbs produce only 5% light whereas the rest goes towards producing heat, so they are remarkably inefficient). This is beneficial to the EU from a financial as well as an environmental point of view, as according to one German study referenced in the article it will result in a savings of 166 euros per year on electricity bills per home.

The EU has a fixed calendar by which light bulbs of a certain wattage will be banned - one year after the 100 watt bulbs will come the 75 watt bulbs, a year after that will be those of 60 watts, and then 40 watts and 25 watts by September 2012.

For some articles in English debating the move, see here and here.


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