23 September 2009: India just launched seven satellites at one time

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seven at one time! Nice to see India taking such an assertive (and successful) role in space over the past few years. You can see a short video of the launch at the link there, but this one on YouTube is longer so don't bother:

The main satellite was a satellite called Oceansat-2 which is just a satellite for predicting weather and identifying potential fishing zones, and the other six satellites are small nano-satellites, with four from Germany, one from Switzerland and one from Turkey.

According to BBC Turkish, this is the first satellite produced in Turkey, and it goes by the name İTÜpSAT1, and it cost a mere $150,000 to make. It will have a mission six months in length when it will take pictures of the Earth "on a continental scale".


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