19 August 2009 (28 Mordad 1388): Mojtaba Khamenei criticized by clerics in Iran, Ahmadinejad still working on a cabinet

Thursday, August 20, 2009

News on Iran is becoming more and more inward-focused as more and more of the action begins to take place within the government. Today the National Iranian-American Council has an article on criticism of Mojtaba (Khamenei's son) by a group of high-ranking clerics from Qom.

Something on the front of BBC Persian right now - Karroubi is predicting that opposition will topple Ahmadinejad. He's probably right if an ouster of Ahmadinejad begins to be seen as the only way to appease the opposition, but the question is who would replace him if that happened.


Anonymous said...

Est-ce bien jeudi en Corée? C'est encore mercredi 18:00 a Londres!


Me said...

Sais pas - je pense que le temps varie selon le fuseau horaire, non? Quand j'ai écrit ce post il a été mercredi.

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